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Officine Mazzarolo are FIAT, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, FIAT CAMPER ASSISTANCE, RENAULT, RENAULT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, DACIA and DACIA COMMERCIAL VEHICLES official partner. The workshop is specialized in multi-brand assistance, declined in engine inspections and speed changes, both mechanical and automatic; we also carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles and mini cars. In addition Officine Mazzarolo can count on modern and computerized diagnosis equipment, as well as injectors, injection pumps inspection and repair equipment.



The workshop provides an over forty years experience and training, thanks to qualified personnel and computerized equipment for the diagnosis and research of electronic anomalies.

• Multi-brand service

• Original spare parts supply 

• Warranty coupons and oil changes according to Reg. EU n. 46/2010

• Engine groups, gearboxes, differentials and turbines inspections

• Automatic gearbox oil change with specific equipment

• Brake discs, heads, monoblocs and transmissions internal grinding

• Towing hook installation

• Courtesy car and vehicle return home

Car repairing and maintenance Onè di Fonte Treviso Mazzarolo


Mazzarolo is a Fiat Ducato Camper partner specialized in the maintenance and repair of any camper brand set up on any chassis brand. It has special rooms for any size Campers accomodation and employs a properly trained staff.

• Services

• Warranty interventions

• Works under body

• Bodywork repairs

camper maintenance and repairing Mazzarolo Onè di Fonte Treviso


The workshop has the state-of-the-art equipment for modern and constantly updated diagnostics.

• Electrical service with multi-brand diagnosis, repair of control units and electrical systems

• Anti-pollution systems (DPF and PAF) diagnosis and check 

• Air conditioning systems maintenance, recharging and sanitizing 

• Parking sensors installation 

• Bluetooth hands-free kit, radio, anti-theft device, GPS detector and satellite navigator installation 

• Multi-brand key cover encoding and replacement

Car repairing and maintenance Onè di Fonte Treviso Mazzarolo


The workshop is equipped for the perfect LPG and CNG systems installation; the issue instruments allow maintenance and calibration of the complete set-up.

• LPG and CNG systems renewal and testing

• LPG and CNG systems installation

• Methane and LPG systems maintenance and repair 

• Methane injectors inspection

• Leaks search with specific equipment

LGP systems installation Onè di Fonte Treviso Officine Mazzarolo


Mazzarolo has an agreement with the main rental companies for:

• ordinary maintenance and extraordinary mechanical repairs

• repair, tire replacement and tire seasonal inversion 

• body repairs

Agreement with: Arval, Ald Automotive, Easy Drive, Car Server, Leaseplan, Leasys, Vodafone Automotive Italia, Avis Car Rental, Leasy Rent, Goodyear Fos, Europe Assistance Go, Auto Italy Service, Dab One, Euro Rent, Fleet Logistics Italy, Flexrent , Santander Consumer Bank, Site, Texa, Gas Natural Sales Italy, Favellato Reti, As Rent 2010, Cgt, T. Italy, Tokheim Sofima Italy, Bev Service, Red Bull, Spea Engineering, Veicar, Furgospeed, Liomatic, Rent Max, Sietel , Ombra, Moneynet, Quick Services, B-Rent, Supermatic, Cargo Z, Enoleggiami Plus, Sv Noleggi, Drive Service, Petite Forestier, Michelin Fleets, Ge Flo, General Leasing, Honda Motor Europe, Locauto, Mercedes Benz Charterway, Mercury , Savarent, Sv Srl, Volkswagen Leasing.

car rental Fonte Mazzarolo Treviso


BOSH INJECTION SYSTEM authorized center

Mazzarolo offers an expert and qualified service for injectors, injection pumps and high pressure pumps inspection and repairing. Through certified equipment and constantly updated personnel, the workshop is able to regenerate injectors and pumps of common rail engines at competitive costs.

• Injection pumps, high pressure and injectors inspection

• Petrol injectors inspection

Diesel and Gasoline injection plants Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso
Diesel and Gasoline injection plants Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso
Diesel and Gasoline injection plants Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso
Diesel and Gasoline injection plants Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso
Diesel and Gasoline injection plants Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso


Mazzarolo provides a roadside assistance service with a tow truck and has vehicles equipped to the customer's emergencies in case of breakdown or road accident, directly at the standstill.

• Ima Assistance partner

• 24-hour Service

• Equipped vans for assistance at the standstill 

Service and road assistance Mazzarolo Treviso