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Officine Mazzarolo are official Zanotti partner, collaborate with Carrier and guarantee refrigeration unit assistance, assembly and maintenance of for heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles. With a dedicated body department, the workshop performs cell assembly operations, with the related connections and practices for testing and putting on the road. It also offers assistance in the ATP certificate renewal.



Mazzarolo is Zanotti's official partner, the leading figure for temperature controlled transport, able to provide a complete range of products and services for refrigeration. The assistance, assembly and maintenance of refrigeration units for heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles is carried out, in order to always obtain the transport correct temperature and goods’maintenance, thanks to trained personnel and specific cutting-edge equipment.

• Refrigeration units installation 

• Maintenance and coupons

• Original replacements

• Extraordinary repair interventions

• External repairs with a vehicle equipped with a mobile workshop

• Warranty interventions

Refrigerant unit installation and maintenance Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso
Refrigerant unit installation and maintenance Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso


In order to carry out an all-round activity in the refrigeration environment, Mazzarolo also deals with the cold rooms installation. With a dedicated bodywork department, cell assembly operations are carried out with the related connections, plus the care of the practices for testing and commissioning.

All the activities to restore floors, walls and exteriors are also performed, due to wear and tear, to the vehicle’s age or due to accidents, which can compromise the quality of the insulation.

• Installation service for insulation and isothermal cells

• Installation of adjustable loading floors or fixed and mobile partitions

• Vans and damaged isothermal cells repair 

• Body specialized in the isothermal sector (working with fiberglass, gelcoat for food)

• Fittings testing service 

• Thermal recorder installation

• Remote system installation with alarm signaling

• Warranty interventions

Isothermal cell installation Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso


Mazzarolo offers assistance in the ATP certificate renewal, taking into account the deadlines and reservations.

The ATP certificate is valid for 6 years from the date of first issue, must then be renewed at an authorized test center and is valid for 3 years. The subsequent renewal has a further validity of 3 years.

After the final expiry of the ATP certificate, or after 12 years from the first issue, the renewal practice can not be carried out by a private testing center but only by competent bodies. Mazzarolo takes over the operations of ATP test release for more than 12 years, providing the necessary assistance.

• ATP Renewals in house with tunnel authorized by the Ministry of Transport

• ATP renewals at ministerial bodies

ATP testing Mazzarolo Fonte Treviso